Typwriter and Flowers


Across the glorious pages and links found aplenty, you have stumbled upon this website, and for that I say, “Welcome lovelies!”  I hope the journey wasn’t too long, for I have many stories to tell.  This is the spot where I post my ramblings on reading and writing, and where I hope authors of all backgrounds and genres can post their wonderous writings as well.

I write primarily dark fantasy with all the witches, mermaids, and dragons you could ever want.  If you look under Blog you will find Writing Prompt Wednesday.  Readers and writers should both feel free to submit work based on the prompts given for the week.  You can also find links to my social medias and biography.  So feel free to look around and explore!
The main focus here is my weekly blog, which I hope I can use to turn daily occurrences into writing advice and prompts.  I hope to build a community of little lovelies in this obscure plain.  I hope you like what you find here, and that many new friends are made!